Prioritizing the Mental Health of Your Business Travelers

Access our webinar to learn from an expert how best to prioritize the mental health of your employees once travel returns.

As we prepare for the return of business travel, employee safety is top of mind. But it’s important not to lose sight of mental health initiatives even as masks, cleaning wipes, and social distancing are primary concerns. According to pre-COVID 19 research from International SOS, business travelers are up to 25% more likely to experience mental health concerns than their colleagues.

In our 30-minute conversation with licensed therapist and mental health expert, Megan Bearce, we discuss how travel managers and department leaders can start to ensure that their travelers have the tools and resources they need once they begin hitting the road again.

What you'll learn:

Empathy is key: How to understand the anxieties your travelers (and especially your “road warriors”) feel about the return to travel

Starting the conversation: Why it’s time to begin (or amplify) talking about traveler mental health at your company

Taking action: The types of wellness programs and cross-functional initiatives leading companies are launching for travelers

About our hosts:

“It’s pretty effortless. I don’t need to do a lot to make it work for our company or our employees. Almost every other software requires a ton of work to implement and maintain.”

- David Kull, VP of Finance - Sailthru